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With our expert understanding of local government processes, we help developers and builders secure permits quickly, without the usual delays and stress.

  • Fast & efficient project approvals
  • Cost-effective engineering solutions
  • Prompt & complete communication

How much is project delay really costing you?

Are you facing endless back-and-forth with councils over planning and permits?

Is the uncertainty of approval processes causing you stress and sleepless nights?

Have unforeseen compliance issues led to costly project modifications or delays?

Do the requirements of getting your project built feel too complicated and overwhelming?

Why you’ll love our services

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Efficient and cost-effective designs

Our custom engineering solutions are tailored to each project which means your investment is maximised, ensuring the best possible outcomes within budget

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Simple and stress-free approval process

With our years of experience in local government engineering and compliance, your project will move forward smoothly with less delays and complications.

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Ongoing expert guidance

We support you during the construction phase ensuring that the execution matches the vision

Land Development Engineering

Subdivision and Strata Developments

Specialised engineering services to divide land into plots for sale or development, including planning for shared buildings and common areas in strata projects

Council Planning Reports and RFI’s

Preparation and submission of detailed reports and responses to requests for information (RFIs) to ensure your development meets local government requirements

Residential Engineering Services

Residential Structural Engineering

Engineering support for the structural integrity of new homes, renovations, and extensions, ensuring safety and compliance

Decks, Pergolas, Carports, and Garages

Custom design and engineering services for home additions and outdoor structures, blending aesthetics with structural safety

Retrospective Planning and Building Permits

Assistance with obtaining necessary approvals for previously completed or in-progress constructions, ensuring they meet local regulations

Driveway and Parking Design

Custom designs for driveways and parking areas to optimize space, functionality, and compliance with local codes

Infrastructure Engineering

Stormwater Drainage, Sewer Drainage, and Water Supply Design

Designing systems to manage water and sewage efficiently, ensuring environmental compliance and community health

Sealed and Unsealed Road Designs

Engineering of access roads and internal roadways, suitable for both sealed (paved) and unsealed (gravel) surfaces, enhancing accessibility and site planning

Stormwater On-Site Detention Design and Reports

Solutions for managing and treating stormwater on-site, reducing runoff and improving water quality, crucial for large-scale developments

Commercial Developments

Industrial Slabs and Pavements

Design of internal and external concrete slabs for storage, racking and heavy commercial traffic

Structural Steel Design

Design and certification of structural steelwork for warehouses, platforms, storage tanks and other industrial applications


Generation of 3D Data to Assist in Construction

Utilising 3D modelling to enhance planning, visualisation, and accuracy during the construction process, beneficial for both commercial projects and sophisticated residential designs

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The Path to Project Success

Step 1: Schedule Your Project Consultation

Book your initial consultation with us to discuss your project’s specific needs and goals. This first step sets the foundation for a tailored engineering solution, ensuring we understand exactly what you need to succeed.

Step 2: We Get To Work

We craft a comprehensive engineering plan addressing your project’s unique requirements, handling everything from design to documentation and approvals. This step simplifies the complex process of bringing your project to life, making it seem effortless.

Step 3: Enjoy a Successful Project

With approvals in hand and a solid plan for construction, you get to watch your vision become a reality. This final step is where you enjoy the satisfaction of a successfully completed project, on time and within budget, backed by our expert guidance every step of the way.

Who are we?

Our job as civil & structural engineering consultants is to not only get the job done professionally, but also communicate well and attend to every detail.

arete engineering dave morley

David Morley

Civil / Structural Engineer, Director

David started as a mechanic, retrained as a fitter and machinist, before putting his tools away to become an engineer. This practical background now flows on through into his engineering design. Now with 20 years of experience in the engineering field, the next logical step was to become a company owner.

David enjoys hydraulic modeling and specialises in steel structures and industrial paving. In his down time David can be found rock climbing somewhere in Tasmania or training brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Ruben Moon

Civil Designer

Ruben is a civil designer with experience in large multi-residential developments and road projects. His expertise includes meticulous 3D site modelling and efficient stormwater detention system design.

Ruben is currently studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and spends any free time being taken on walks by his German shorthaired pointer dog Katie.

arete engineering bryanna

Bryanna Elmore

Draftsperson and Administration Assistant

Bryanna is an engineering draftsperson hailing from Minnesota, working across structural and civil projects with a keen eye for detail. She’s Arete’s administrative assistant, having completed a Cert III in Business. Her interests encompass building design and architecture as well as engineering and she is currently studying a Cert IV in Residential Drafting.

Outside of the office, Bryanna is an avid dancer and is liable to purchase classic motorcycles.